What is AUTOTECH4x4 ??

AUTOTECH4x4 West Palm Beach, FL

561-WPB-8468 or 561-972-TINT

Email  AUTOTECH4x4@Gmail.com

The purpose of this blog is to promote my business of automotive upgrades and truck suspension modifications.  As time goes by here at my wordpress blog, I will attempt to keep all of my readers informed about what is going on with any current projects.

I will try to keep you all up to date with any new suspension break-throughs as well as how-tos on basic and advanced suspension set-ups.

I have been customizing vehicles since 1988, including vinyl and painted graphics and lettering, window tint, sunroofs, interior and upholstery design, custom fiberglass enclosures for speakers and accessories, high end car audio and electronics, security alarms with remote start and window up/down, truck accessories and lift kits, as well as custom suspension fabrication(track bars, sway-bars, traction aid bars, 4-link suspension, coil-over setups, water-jet cut parts and top notch welding)

If it’s lifted and it doesn’t ride or steer correctly, I can troubleshoot it and correct the situation. Suspension geometry is crucial to the performance of your vehicle.

Bring it…Let’s LIFT it, TINT it, SECURE it, put some TUNES in it, LETTER it, and everyone’s favorite…. put some new WHEELS & TIRES on it.

Til next time………….


About autotech4x4

Auto and truck problem solver, specializing in lifted trucks and suspension geometry
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2 Responses to What is AUTOTECH4x4 ??

  1. D. says:

    I bought a little 4×4 jeep from http://www.roadrunnerev.com and i was wondering how much it would cost to get if lifted like your picture.

    Maybe it isn’t possible?

  2. autotech4x4 says:

    what is the year of your jeep and is it a 4.0 6cyl or inline 4cyl? also, what size tires are you planning on using. the blue jeep on my site has 35″ tires.

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