58 Nomad


Alex George’s 5ton 1958 Chevrolet Brookwood Nomad Mega-Truck

This project started out as a restoration job with the intent to build a surfboard carrying beach cruiser(maybe a “woodie”) on 22’s in front and xtra wide 24’s out back with maybe a newer LS under the hood. “And then there was rust”….Now its getting a tubed frame and going up on 70+” rice n cane tires with 5 ton top loader axles with a nitrous injected 650ish hp rear mounted LQ motor or a big block, 4-linked on coilovers with a reverse rotation drop down transfer case……


This project should be interesting.  The frame was completely rotted and all of the suspension was broken from extreme rust.  This is a ’58 model year. There are a lot of aftermarket restoration parts for a ’57 and even some for a ’59, but hardly any for a ’58.  We bought it with intentions to restore, but major rust and lack of parts availability lead us to this project. Its still a classic chevy that didnt go to the compactor. We fixed up the body to the best of our abilities and unfortunately, that is the best case scenario for this 53 year old station wagon. Some will say we ruined a classic, but I think when its done, it will be hard for you not to smile a little bit.

The first part of the project was the rusty body.  Had to grind out all the rust and treat the metal with phosphoric etch.



The doors and rollpan were really bad so I a cut a section out of the oem skin and put sheet metal over the original door and spot welded it on followed by the body filler.


Here is some pics of me bending up a new roll pan from sheet metal…..I hate rust…and bodywork… and spiders




Next was the rotted out fender tips getting replaced….I actually found a set of replacement tips online….I don’t know if they are from a small run of aftermarket replacement panels or if someone cut them from a car….



The customer/friend is gonna do the finishing touches on the bodywork before paint.


Here is the rotted out old rear quarter window tracks that used to hold a 2 piece sliding window on each side. there was hardly anything left of the window frames at all..I guess from water sitting in the tracks..
Anyway, I cut out all the old track remains and then notched and bent up some angle iron to make a new window frame that will hold a cleaner looking 1piece window epoxied in from the inside and black edge will be painted on the glass for a factory look.  Obviously, I would have loved to have made new sliders, but I have to keep it simple and sealed. Ill post pics of the window frames all done later, maybe even with some windows in them..lol





Here’s a few early pics of the tube frame build, and poly-isolated body mounts



Here’s some shots of the frame and some of the bracing all tacked in.I had just finished welding in the two sub frame rails that hang down off the frame. There’s still a lot left to do on the frame at this point, but this gives a general idea



Here is a shot of the 5ton military front axle in stock form


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